My College Soccer

My College Soccer is an International College Soccer recruiting consulting agency that provides tools and expertise for High School aged student athletes to own their college recruiting journey.  My College Soccer is not your typical college soccer recruiting agency.  In fact, My College Soccer is not a recruiting agency at all.  College Soccer programs want to create a relationship with the player, not an agency during recruitment.  My College Soccer uses first hand knowledge from former Division I Head Coach, Kyle Gookins, to guide and develop My College Soccer members to be active participants during their recruiting process.

Team coaches do a fantastic job with their players and teams.  However, team coaches mainly focus their time and energy to technical development, team tactics, and team cohesion.  My College Soccer solely focuses on the individual development of each player.  

Why Use My College Soccer?

My College Soccer was created due to the need of numerous student athletes that were having trouble enjoying the college soccer recruiting process.  Owner and Creator Kyle Gookins saw how he could positively impact student athletes during their recruiting process and beyond.  He has spent time and energy on each side of the recruiting process, as a NCAA College Coach and as a youth Coach/Director.  The more and more he spent time consulting individuals on college recruiting, he realized there was also a need for a mentorship program that would make an impact beyond the recruiting cycle and even beyond the soccer field!